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The streamWrapper class


Allows you to implement your own protocol handlers and streams for use with all the other filesystem functions (such as fopen(), fread() etc.).

Hinweis: This is NOT a real class, only a prototype of how a class defining its own protocol should be.

Hinweis: Implementing the methods in other ways then described here can lead to undefined behaviour.

An instance of this class is initialized as soon as a stream function tries to access the protocol it is associated with.


streamWrapper {
/* Properties */
public resource $context ;
/* Methods */
__construct ( void )
public bool dir_closedir ( void )
public bool dir_opendir ( string $path , int $options )
public string dir_readdir ( void )
public bool dir_rewinddir ( void )
public bool mkdir ( string $path , int $mode , int $options )
public bool rename ( string $path_from , string $path_to )
public bool rmdir ( string $path , int $options )
public resource stream_cast ( int $cast_as )
public void stream_close ( void )
public bool stream_eof ( void )
public bool stream_flush ( void )
public bool stream_lock ( mode $operation )
public bool stream_open ( string $path , string $mode , int $options , string &$opened_path )
public string stream_read ( int $count )
public bool stream_seek ( int $offset , int $whence = SEEK_SET )
public bool stream_set_option ( int $option , int $arg1 , int $arg2 )
public array stream_stat ( void )
public int stream_tell ( void )
public int stream_write ( string $data )
public bool unlink ( string $path )
public array url_stat ( string $path , int $flags )


resource context

The current context, or NULL if no context was passed to the caller function.

Use the stream_context_get_options() to parse the context.

Hinweis: This property must be public so PHP can populate it with the actual context resource.


Version Beschreibung
5.0.0 Added the context property.