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short installation note:

  • You need at least PHP 4.3.0 for the compression to work
  • To install on PHP 4.3.0 and later at the Unix command prompt type pear install bcompiler
  • To install on Windows, until the binary package distribution mechanism is finished please search the archives of the pear-general mailing list for pre-built packages. (or send an email to it if you could not find a reference)
  • To install on older versions you need to make some slight changes to the build.
  • untar the bcompiler.tgz archive into php4/ext.(Get it directly from PECL »
  • If the new directory is now called something like bcompiler-0.x, then you should rename it to bcompiler (except you only want to build it as self-contained php-module).
  • If you are using versions before PHP 4.3.0, the you will need to copy the to and config.m4.old to config.m4.
  • run phpize in ext/bcompiler
  • run ./buildconf in php4
  • run configure with --enable-bcompiler (and your other options)
  • make; make install
  • that's it.